Knob and Tube Wiring


Knob and tube was the earliest standardized method of electrical wiring in houses and buildings, with many houses still having it today. It consisted of single insulated copper conductors run across interior walls or within ceiling spaces, passing through joist and stud drill-holes via protective porcelain insulating tubes. Once considered state-of-the-art, knob and tube wiring is now considered lofty, unstable and should be looked to get replaced immediately.


Should I replace the knob and tube wiring in my home?

Homeowners should have any active knob and tube wiring inspected for safety.  We recommend the removal and replacement of all knob and tube wiring to current electrical standards. Kiedan Electric can do this inspection for you and provide an expert opinion on replacement of your old wiring.


How long does it take to replace the knob and tube wiring?

A typical replacement for a full house will take approximately 2 weeks.  Kiedan Electric will fully disconnect and remove (where accessible) the knob & tube wiring and replace it with a modern electrical system.  If you decide to replace your knob and tube, you should be aware that in some cases we may need to cut into some ceilings and walls. In these instances, once we have completed the wiring, we repair the holes that were made and make them ready for paint.